Sustainable Travel Report 2023

September, 2023

Booking has published the document Sustainable Travel Report for 2023. In this report, the company focuses on what it considers to be the dilemma facing travellers in the current context of uncertainty, marked by international conflict, inflation, and growing threats to the planet’s environmental balance. In the post-pandemic context, travellers are faced with choices that involve factors as diverse as the desire to travel again, the need to contain expenses and the urgency to travel in a more sustainable and ecologically responsible way.

Despite financial constraints, responsible travelers are turning intentions into actions, with a significant increase in more sustainable travel behaviours. Travelers’ conscious choices are increasingly including aspects such as choosing more sustainable means of transport and shopping in local stores and markets.

While travelers increasingly recognize the critical nature of climate change, there is still some disconnect between impact and action. Ultimately, building a truly sustainable environment in the tourism sector will take time, but the path to ensuring that everyone can travel more consciously and responsibly has already begun.

Source: Access the report here

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