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Net Zero Survey Portugal| PWC

PwC has published the results of a survey that allows us to analyse the current level of maturity of national companies on the subject of Net Zero.
Source: PwC

Sustainable Travel Report 2023

Booking has published the document Sustainable Travel Report for 2023. In this report, the company focuses on what it considers to be the dilemma facing travellers in the current context of uncertainty, marked by international conflict, inflation, and growing threats to the planet’s environmental balance. In the post-pandemic context, travellers are faced with choices that involve factors as diverse as the desire to travel again, the need to contain expenses and the urgency to travel in a more sustainable and ecologically responsible way.
Source: TravelBi

Momento Económico 2023 – 3º trimestre| PwC

Published quarterly, “Economic Momentum”, developed by PwC, aims to provide an overview of the national economy and the major economic trends that support future macroeconomic expectations.
Source: PwC

WTTC: Global Economic Impact 2022 – Global Trends

The WTTC’s “Global Economic Impact 2022 – Global Trends” report reveals that the global travel and tourism sector began a recovery path in 2021, albeit slower than initially forecast.
Source: TravelBi

Overnight stays by residents continued to fall compared to 2022

According to INE, the tourist accommodation sector recorded 3.2 million guests and 8.8 million overnight stays in July 2023, corresponding to growths of 4.1% and 1.3% respectively (+6.9% and +3.6% in June 2023, in the same order). Compared to July 2019, there were increases of 10.7% in guests and 6.7% in overnight stays. In July, overnight stays generated by the domestic market fell by 2.9% to 2.8 million. The external markets totalled 6.0 million overnight stays (+3.4%). Compared to July 2019, there were increases of 11.5% in overnight stays from residents and 4.6% in those from non-residents.
Source: INE

Flash estimates | July 2023

On July 30 and 31, 2023, the National Statistics Institute and the Bank of Portugal released their flash estimates for July 2023.
Source: TravelBi