6 steps

to start your business in Portugal

Starting a tourism business requires planning, financial decisions, and completing a number of legal procedures.

Search for an opportunity

Analysing the market and competitive structure helps you to spot an opportunity, identify a competitive advantage, and design a distinctive business model.

Find out about legal aspects and costs

Gain an insight into the legal and fiscal framework of the property acquisition process and project the related expenses.

Structure a business plan

The business plan allows you to understand the main variables of the business and define the objectives to be achieved in the short and medium term, so that your business object is viable and profitable.

Create the company

Choose the legal form that best fits your profile, taking into account the associated tax and financial responsibilities.

Get access to financing

Analyse the public supports and financing solutions that are available to support your investment decision and assess their access conditions.

Obtain the necessary licences

Follow the legal procedures to obtain the licenses or permits on which the establishment, operation and exploitation of your business depends.

Living in Portugal