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6 reasons to invest in Portugal

Strategic location

Located in the southwest of Europe and at the convergence of three continents - American, European and African -, it is a central and strategic point for important international routes.

Excellent quality of life

One of the three safest countries in the world according to the 2020 Global Peace Index and the best country to live in for the excellent quality of life it offers according to InterNations' 2019 Expat Insider Survey.

Favourable business environment

Reality favourable to the realisation of business opportunities, ranking 39th out of 190 economies in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business 2020 ranking and 12th in the world in the World Economic Forum´s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness ranking.

World-class infrastructures

Intemationally recognised for the quality of its accessibility and telecommunications infrastructures, featuring an extensive network of land, rail, sea and airport routes.

Qualified human resources

Highly skilled and productive workforce, with high language skills and supported by world-class educational institutions and by reference schools in professional training for tourism.

Tax incentives

One of the most dynamic property markets in Europe and stable tax regimes that facilitate investment and the integration of foreigners.

Success stories

The experiences of those who invested in tourism

Portugal is an open and accessible economy that welcomes foreigners and new ideas. We would not want to live or work anywhere else.
The resorts in the ikos group are distinguished by the quality of our service, safety and the beautiful landscapes in which they are located. Portugal could not be left out of our ambition to grow. The Algarve has all these characteristics and this will be our entrance door into Portugal.
Pontos Group sees Portugal probably as the strongest future destination in South of Europe, as it gathers all the conditions of low density, good communications and infrastructures, touristic and real estate offer, tax regime, security, weather and public support to the sector.
We feel fortunate to have found this piece of paradise and we are looking forward to provide a high quality experience in this community, while preserving the sacredness of this incredible environment and traditions of Portugal.

We help in the investment process

We have a qualified and experienced team, with insights into the industry and an extensive network of partners, ready to accompany you along the way.

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