Building a hospitality ecosystem for the future | Amadeus

May, 2023

Amadeus has dedicated one of its most recent publications to a topic that, according to the company itself, could have a strong impact on the recovery of tourism in a post-pandemic scenario, namely on the possibility of the hospitality sector representing an important element in the economic recovery of destinations, breaking down barriers and empowering progress by connecting peoples and cultures.

The report Catalysts for Change: Building the Hospitality Ecosystem of the Future analyses how travellers’ expectations have evolved. Previously, four groups of travellers were identified that are expected to emerge over the next decade. The main challenges and problems faced by those operating in the travel sector are analysed and assessed and it is concluded that the link between travellers and travel service providers will be vital to the success of the ecosystem. The document also seeks to understand the perspective of travel companies as they work to meet the new needs of travellers.


Source: Access the report here

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