American Express Travel: 2023 Global Travel Trends Report

April, 2023

American Express Travel has just published its annual report on travel and tourism trends. This document seeks to provide stakeholders in the sector with answers to what the demand trends will be in 2023. It seeks answers to questions such as: Where to travel and how? What to do at the destination? How are the changing preferences and behaviours of travellers shaping the evolution of the sector?

Travelers find inspiration in multiple interests. Engaging with local communities, recreating moments or scenes from films or television series, or taking trips in search of unique gastronomic experiences, are just some of the reasons why people continue to value travel. As demand for travel continues to recover and move closer to the pre-pandemic situation, in-depth knowledge of customer motivations and behaviour allows travel planners to get closer to the needs and desires of demand.

Source: Access the report here

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