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Business Plan

The management tool that helps you characterise and structure your business idea, study scenarios, systematise strategic objectives and project and map the path to the realisation of your business project.
10 Essential components


Executive summary

Provide a brief and clear overview of the project and briefly highlight the project’s essentials, identifying the business concept and mission, the market of operation, the value proposition, the expected return and the human and financial resources required.


Presentation of the company

Introduce information about the company such as its history and business concept, and enunciate the promoters’ individual skills and competences and experience, as well as their motivations and expectations.


Market Analysis

Describe and substantiate the sector context in which the company is inserted, analysing the current and potential market, characterising potential clients, competitors and suppliers, and justifying in what terms the value proposal is different in what concerns quality, price or other variables.


Strategic Analysis

Justify the project’s competitive capacity taking into account the medium and long term objectives, the internal environment and the characteristics of the surrounding environment and competition, identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and defining the strategy and actions to develop.


Marketing plan

Describing the global marketing strategy in terms of product, price, distribution and communication, ensuring that it is adequate to the foreseen goals, quantifying the revenue objectives and justifying the assumptions on which the projections to be defined in the economic and financial plan are based.


Operational Plan

Describe how the company will operate and how its services will be provided and marketed, highlighting the various resources used, the production capacity, the value chain, as well as the partnership network that will ensure the operation of the business model.


Organisational and human resources plan

Prepare a description of the organisational structure and a plan of the human resources management policies taking into account the company’s goals, detailing the professionals required, their skills and responsibilities and the management processes, and establishing the guidelines for the organisation’s operation.


Investment Plan

Detailing the investment necessary for the operationalisation and achievement of the objectives outlined for the business, establishing the appropriate schedule for each phase of implementation.


Economic and Financial Plan

Demonstrate the project’s economic and financial viability, through a clear presentation of income and expenses associated with the services to be provided, the financing structure, operational cash-flows and profitability desired, and management and viability indicators, whose values should be supported by the information collected in the market studies carried out.


Sensitivity Analysis

Assess the project’s elasticity through the construction of alternative scenarios based on its critical variables, identifying probable results in terms of economic and financial impact and defining the critical points of each variable so as to ensure its viability

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