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Research and innovation performance

of the Member States of the European Union

#12 / UE 28

Strong innovator


In the group of "strong innovators" Portugal was the country that grew most in innovation performance.

Source: European Commission – European Innovation Scoreboard 2020

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Evolution of innovation performance

Portugal among the 15 countries whose performance grew more than the European average.

Portugal above the EU average in several indicators

Source: European Commission – European Innovation Scoreboard 2023

European Innovation Scoreboard 2023

#7 / UE 27


#10 / UE 27

Attractive search systems

#11 / UE 27

Support and finance

Business and entrepreneurship

Portugal has the largest positive gap with the EU in entrepreneurial activity, net FDI inflows and company creation.
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Source: European Commission – European Innovation Scoreboard 2023

Entrepreneurial culture

#2 / UE 28

Entrepreneurial culture
Digital Transformation Scoreboard 2018

#6 / UE 28

Changes in the environment for ICT start-ups
Digital Transformation Scoreboard 2018

Entrepreneurial activity generating economies of scale

#28 / 141 countries

Entrepreneurial dynamism

#31 / 141 countries

Innovation capacity

#34 / 141 countries

Adoption of ICT

Global Competitiveness Report 2019

Portugal promotes the ease of doing business

#39 / 190 countries

Doing Business 2020

#25 / 161 countries

Best Countries for Business 2018


One of Europe’s most innovative countries

#32 / 132 countries

Global Innovation Index 2020

It stands out in areas that contribute to the innovation process


Expenditure on computer software


Trademarks by origin


Scientific and technical articles


Political and Operational Stability

Global Innovation Index 2020

It stands out in areas that contribute to the innovation process


Expenditure on computer software


Trademarks by origin


ISO 9001 certifications


Online public services


Political and Operational Stability


Environment for doing business


Access to ICTs


Among the countries with the greatest digital maturity

#8 / UE 28

Digitalization Index 2020

The startups that are driving innovation in tourism

Platform for booking accommodation, rent-a-car service and tourist entertainment activities in the Azores.
Luxury luggage rental platform, allowing the collection and delivery of the suitcase to any European address.
Platform that aims to support organizations in managing their teams.
Platform that provides an intelligent price management solution.
Platform for creating virtual tours in storytelling mode.
Platform for scheduling professional cleaning and laundry services for local accommodation.
Platform for ordering and delivering homemade meals.
Platform that combines marketing and sales to increase the hotel's online business.
Independent luxury hotel booking platform.
Platform that centralizes, automates and measures all hotel customer service activities.
Application to optimize the performance of golfers.
Smart lock solutions for local accommodation.
Hostel booking platform.
Intelligent maintenance management platform.
Platform for booking self-drive experiences in 100% electric vehicles.
Application that allows travelers to request, in real time, the collection, storage and delivery of their luggage.
Application of human resources for the hotel and catering sector, linking professionals and companies.
Extraction of high quality cold-pressed vegetable oils and production of natural cosmetics for hotels.
Peer to peer boat rental marketplace in Portugal.
Reservation platform for the best water sports and boat trips.
Platform that allows you to explore Portuguese cities through gamified walks.
Mobile application that automatically creates video stories from smartphone photo.
Platform for booking tours on solar boats.
Digital platform for temporary leasing of luxury homes.
Platform that promotes personalized tourism programs, exploring the natural and cultural heritage of Portugal.
Platform that helps event organizers around the world in planning and organizing group retreats in Portugal.
Application that guides users on their visits to interpretive centers, cities or parks, in an immersive and interactive way.
Platform based on Artificial Intelligence that allows forecasting the daily, monthly and annual occupancy of a hotel.

What will the tourism of the future be like?

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