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TravelBI, 2019

Overnight stays


Tourism revenue

Occupancy rates (bed and room)


Europe’s Leading Destination

Progression of main indicators

Guests (millions)
Overnight stays (millions)
Tourism revenue (million Euros)
TravelBI, 2019
Tourism revenue
In 2019. 78.5% of tourism revenues were generated by European markets, highlighting the growth of the American market.
Source: TravelBI
Overnight stays / Main markets
In 2019 the US market registers the highest positive variation
Source: TravelBI

Distribution of overnight stays


By type of establishment
Source: TravelBI
By hotel category


Source: TravelBI

#1 /141 countries

Quality of Tourist Infrastructure

Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019

Flows at airports


Supply of seats [million]
Disembarked passengers [million]

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