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Preferably SMEs, as defined by the Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC of 6 May.

Types Of Operation

Sale and subsequent lease, with purchase option.

Conditions For Access


  • To have fulfilled all obligations before the Tax Authority and Social Security;
  • To be registered in the Central Registry of the Beneficial Owner;
  • Have no incidents (unjustified) on the map provided by the Central Credit Register held at the Bank of Portugal.


  • To be free of any liens or encumbrances (at the date of the implementation of the operation);
  • To have their registration and land register situation in order;
  • To have a utilisation permit or authorisation, if applicable;
  • To have an energy certificate (SCE), when applicable;
  • In the case of buildings used for a specific activity, they must be duly authorised for that purpose, and, in the case of existing enterprises subject to registration with the National Tourism Register, they must be duly registered.

Conditions Of The Operation

Maximum Amount Per Operation

€5 million.


The acquisition price corresponds, at most, to 90% of the simple average of the property’s valuations.

Lease Term

Up to 15 years.

Application Of Funding

The financial resources made available through the sale of the property shall be applied to investments in the adaptation, requalification, sustainability and modernisation of the real estate, including energy efficiency and circular economy, admitting, even as an accessory, investment in working capital and liquidation of liens and charges on the real estate object of the operation. Priority is given to investments that contribute to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The minimum investment amount in fixed or intangible capital is limited to 35% of the operation value.

Purchase Option

The purchase option of the property may be exercised from the third year of the lease and until its expiry.

The acquisition price of the property within the scope of the exercise of the call option corresponds to its acquisition value by the fund, updated in accordance with the positive variation of the harmonised consumer price index published monthly by the National Statistics Institute.


The annual rental is paid monthly and translates into the application of a tax on the value of the operation up to a maximum of 4%.


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