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Established companies, with less than 7 years of economic activity, in Start-up, Early Stage or Growth phases, as well as companies to be established.

Types of Operation

  • Technological and non-technological projects that contribute to the competitiveness of the country’s tourism supply, that improve the tourist experience in Portugal and that promote the efficiency of the companies within the sector.Projects that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are privileged, presenting solutions that promote the dematerialization of processes and services, recycling, reuse and waste reduction, integration of clean energy, energy efficiency, water efficiency and smart mobility.

Main conditions of access


  • To be located in Portugal;
  • To present a multidisciplinary team that ensures the project management needs;
  • To contribute to the benefits associated with the SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals (ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance);
  • Incorporated companies must also (i) comply with the legal conditions required to carry out their activity, namely being duly licensed for that purpose, as well as duly registered in the National Tourism Register, and (ii) have an organised accounting system, a balanced economic and financial situation and their affairs in order before the Tax Authority and Social Security.


Correspond to an original idea from the addressees and led by themselves.


  • Existence of MVP – Minimum Viable Product preferably with market feedback and first clients gathered;
  • Projects oriented to tradable goods or services integrating international value chains;
  • Projects based on R&D, resulting from an innovative process to create a new technology, process or object, or which improve already existing technologies or processes. Preference will be given to projects based on disruptive technologies;
  • Projects with a clear strategy for the protection and enhancement of intellectual property.

Non Technological

  • Tourism entertainment activities must be related to the cultural heritage and landscape;
  • Tourist experiences have to promote the discovery of new territories;
  • Framing activities that are associated with the use of endogenous resources and the revitalization of spaces of cultural interest;
  • Tourism accommodation projects may be framed, provided that they are innovative or have a direct link to the promotion of culture or the environment;
  • Hotel and similar projects shall demonstrate that they have been licensed by the respective municipality at the date of application.

Fund Investment Conditions

Maximum amount per operation between €200 thousand and €1 million.


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