Call Tourism +Growth


Established companies, with less than 7 years of economic activity, as well as companies to be established.

Types of Operation

Capital injections into companies that intends to invest in projects that contribute to:

  • Increase the competitiveness of the country’s tourist offer;
  • Enhance the tourist experience in Portugal;
  • Improve the efficiency of businesses in the sector.

Main conditions of access


  • To be located in Portugal;
  • To present a multidisciplinary team that ensures the project management needs;
  • To contribute to the benefits associated with the SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals (ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance) by offering solutions that encourage: (i) the dematerialisation of process and services, (ii) the recycling, reuse and reduction of waste, (iii) integration of clean energy, (iv) improve energy and water, (v) smart mobility;
  • Incorporated companies must also (i) are involved in the 360-degree Tourism Companies Programme promoted by Turismo de Portugal, (ii) comply with the legal conditions required to carry out their activity, namely being duly licensed for that purpose, as well as duly registered in the National Tourism Register, and (iii) have an organised accounting system, a balanced economic and financial situation and their affairs in order before the Tax Authority and Social Security.




  • capital injections into companies that promote the growth of tourism, through expansion and internationalisation projects or projects to improve competitiveness and which have already begun to produce/market their products/services;
  • build up operations aimed at mitigating the atomization of the sector, be means of the merger and consolidation of companies, through intervention models that enable, from a venture capital perspective, the aggregation of back-office functions (finance, procurement, human resources management) and the creation of business synergies, albeit with degrees of relevant business autonomy.

Projects/Companies that are located in low-density regions, will be given priority.

Fund Investment Conditions

Maximum amount per operation between €150 thousand and €1,5 million.


The call is currently closed but is expected to open soon.

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